Car Rental In Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Getting a car rental in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is the most expedient way of going around the city. But before we delve so deep into that, let us stat with the obvious fact. Johor Bahru is the capital of the Malaysia’s Johor state. It is the southernmost city in Malaysia and its metropolitan area has the 3rd largest population in the country. Johor Bahru can be reached from Singapore via the Johor-Singapore Causeway, a 10,056 meter bridge that links it to the town of Woodlands in Singapore.

Johor Bahru is the main commercial center for Johor, being located in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle. This growth Triangle was a partnership made between Singapore, Johor (in Malaysia), and Riau Islands (in Indonesia). With the competitive strength of the areas, the triangle aims to attract regional as well as international investors. Because of this initiative, the services industry dominates the economy, with Singaporean, Indonesians and international tourists visiting the city.

There are a number of tourist spots worth seeing in Johor that are within driving distance from each other. Danga Bay is a recreational waterfront that is 25 km from the city. There are a number of golf course, 2 of which are 36 holes. There are paintball parks and a lot of off-road motor sports activities. Dataran Bandaraya, which was built after Johor Bahru was proclaimed a city, boasts of a clock tower and a fountain beside it.

Bus services are available that can take you to and from the city to West Malaysia, Thailand, or Singapore. Within the city though, two types of taxis operate: the regular taxis in either red and yellow or blue, green or red and the more expensive limousines. Most taxis in Malaysia do not use their meters though so chances are you will be charged high even for short distances.

With the increase in number of tourists within the city though, car rental companies have mushroomed, fighting tooth and nail to get the lion’s share of the market. Although the industry is dominated by rental giants as Hertz and Avis, smaller local companies also offer car rentals enabling the customers not only a wide variety of choices in cars but also the opportunity to get low rates and discounts.

How to Get the Best Car-Rental in Johor Bahru

To get the car rental Johor Bahru, it would be advisable for you to book a car in advance online. Booking car rentals online will enable you to have these benefits:

• You get to find the best prices as you check travel websites for deals
• You are able to choose a good rental company as you have the information on customer feedback on your fingertips
• You have peace of mind that you will have ready transport when you arrive in our place of destination
• Car rental in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is one of the tertiary services that provide substantial income to the city so that you are assured of good and reliable service.

Another alternative for you to consider would be to ask your hotel to book you with a car rental company. Though they may charge an extra fee for the service, you will be assured that they will find the best car rental to suit your needs.

Traveling is an experience that one should enjoy. Having to have a ready ride at your beck and call is definitely one of its perks. Book a car rental in Johor Bahru, Malaysia now and you will definitely enjoy the ride.