What To Expect Backpacking Malaysia?

Backpacking in Malaysia is quite fun. You would be able to experience a lot of things for an overnight or a week’s stay. You will get a taste of great things. It is a place where you will get a blend of city and Highland experience. Backpacking is even easier since you will find Gazebo Malaysia to rest on your trip. Here’s what to expect backpacking Malaysia.

Friendly people

Like any other place in Asia, you will find friendly people around you. Locals would love to show you around. Who else would be the experts in traveling Malaysia but the locals themselves? They would tell you where to best visit and what to look for. You will get tips on how to do things. You don’t need to look hard to find these friendly people. Taxi drivers would entertain you and give you some awesome tips. Local lodging owners will take care of you. The people will serve you food with a friendly smile.

Animals everywhere

Backpacking allows you to see Malaysia in its totality. From people to animals, you will find interesting personalities. Expect to see some animals in your way as you continue your way backpacking. Hindu worship temples can be seen in Malaysia. Cows are common on the roadside because they are not kept in farms. Hindus respect cows though so you should restrain yourself from casually patting them. You can find peacocks and monkeys as you venture further.

Variety of food

Don’t leave Malaysia without trying out a variety of food. Don’t be contented with the food served on your lodging house. Try different restaurants. Head to Jan Alor Food Street at night to see how colorful the city is at night. You will enjoy eating from one food stall to another. You can ask your tour guide or any locals where the best foods are served. You will be directed to the right place. You will notice how healthy the food being served is. It would be a healthy tummy break from eating processed and fast food.

Wonderful nature

Whether you like trekking the mountains, river sports or the beach, Malaysia can give you all that you want. Go up some stairs to reach the Batu caves. You can have a good walk at Taman Negara National Park to appreciate nature up close. You can walk at different nature spots and rest under Gazebo Malaysia. You can ride boats on the river. If you feel like diving to watch great coral reefs under the sea, head to Tioman Island. You can rest by the beach watching the waves hit the sand.

Backpacking in Malaysia would give you a great experience in city and outdoor adventures. You will find friendly people guiding your way at all points in Malaysia. Animals are everywhere to add some interest in the places you go to. The variety of food would make you want to eat local foods while sitting under Gazebo Malaysia. You will enjoy the wonderful nature to compliment your backpacking experience.